The Roots’ Black Thought Has One Of The Most Iconic Beards In Hip-Hop…And His Wife Hates It
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

There aren’t that many men in hip-hop who have a more iconic look than The Root’s MC Black Thought.  

Along with his tilted fedora and dark shades, it’s his beard that helps him stand out as one of the most recognizable faces in the game.

Put simply, his beard is as iconic as his bars. He recently revealed that the facial feature he’s most known for is something his wife isn’t a big fan of.

While on Viceland’s late night show, Desus & Mero, the Philadelphia native told the hosts that his lady isn’t here for his bearded bae status. 

“A couple times a day, [I get compliments on my beard],” he said. “You either love it or hate it. My wife hates it! She calls me ZZ Top.”

Black Thought, born Tariq Trotter, and his wife Opal wed in 2010. 

In a November 2017 profile for the New York Times, he told the paper that his beard is a reflection of his religious upbringing but is also rooted in his Philly pride. 

“I was raised as a Muslim,” Trotter recalled. “I think the beard, and specifically long facial hair, is indicative of a sense of wisdom, strength and royalty, and not just in Islamic. In most of the religious books, when men of faith or kings are described, they are usually described wearing long facial hair. The beard is a reflection of both wisdom and royalty.”

“I also think the barbers from Philly are the best when it comes to the beard game,” he continued. “I made the mistake of going to a barber who was not from Philly, and let’s just say, I would never do that again.”


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