Rapper-turned-actor, turned reality TV star, Romeo Miller has grown up right before our eyes and one thing’s for sure: These days, he’s defintely certified eye candy.

The 28-year-old Growing Up Hip-Hop reality star, who regularly posts thrist traps on the ‘Gram, shared a picture on Thursday with a cheeky caption about what it would be like to ready his Tinder profile

“If I ever had a Tinder profile it’ll prolly look like this lol. 
Random Romeo Facts: 
one of my favorite movies is Midnight in Paris, I rather read than listen to music, I’m a great hugger, football was the first sport I played, I wear a size 11 1/2 shoe, oh and I’m taller in person (71.2 inches to be exact lol). Ps: I love grits! #random”

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If Romeo’s profile included any of these photos we’d definitely be swiping right!

Last Day of My Summer.

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I like me better when I'm with you.

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Only way to celebrate having the biggest show on the network, Miami. #blessed

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P.S., we wonder if the New Orleans native puts sugar or salt in his grits.