The Real Housewives of Potomac are back and on the very first episode, stars Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant, shared major updates about their relationships. While Dixon is happily engaged to her ex-husband, former NBA player Juan Dixon, Bryant is also back with her ex-husband, Pastor Jamal Bryant.

The two ladies joined ESSENCE on Instagram Live Monday and revealed how the show is impacting their relationships, the second time around. Dixon shared that COVID-19 is stalling her second wedding to her ex-husband turned fiancé.

“We have not set a wedding date. Juan and I are just enjoying our engagement and, of course, coronavirus has thrown a lovely wrench in any type of plans I want to start working on. So right now we’re just enjoying our engagement and we hope that at some point we can share our wedding with everyone,” she shared. 


Bryant asked Dixon if the “uncomfortable conversations” the show requires had a positive impact on the Dixons reuniting. 

“The show helped us because like early on we received so much criticism and people just had so much to say and it kind of forced us to bond together, and we really had each other’s backs and were ready to go through what it was,” she admitted. “We were dealing with it and face it head on.”

“It’s crazy because a lot of times you hear that reality TV breaks people up, but in this case I kind of think it kept us together cause we felt like, man it’s a cold mean world out here,” Dixon added. “Everything’s not perfect all the time but we know where our hearts are and we want the best for each other.”

Dixon turned the tables during their lengthy conversation, and went on to ask Bryant about her ex-husband turned new boyfriend. “I have to talk to you about your new boo, your new old boo,” she teased. 

Bryant revealed she was guarded in the beginning of their rekindled romance.“You know how you just want to keep something to yourself? I did want to keep it to myself,” she added. 

She also noted that she wasn’t afraid of the RHOP ladies’ opinions, just disinterested in their feedback. “I knew they were gonna throw shade regardless,” she began. “Everybody always has commentary and I don’t really listen to commentary because that’s just not my thing.”

Bryant revealed that because the two are long distance, with Bryant pastoring a church in Atlanta, it’s put a bit of pressure on their relationship. But they’re handling it the best way they know how.

“We’ve never been this far apart from each other. He’s in Atlanta. I’m here, that’s different. The pandemic hit. That’s different. We can’t see each other like we would normally see each other, which kind of sucks,” Bryant admitted, “but you know the girls have been told that they’re going to school virtual[ly] online so maybe I can get on down to Atlanta.” 

Since Bryant has thrown her ex-hubby under the bus on the show previously (“Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater”) she hopes now to shield him from the painful aspects on putting your business on reality TV.

“It want to protect him and want to protect us. I don’t want him to feel that this whole thing is overwhelming,” she said. 

The Real Housewives on Potomac airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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