It’s Official! Rihanna Is Working On New Music
Isabel INFANTES/Getty Images

It’s been over two years since Rihanna dropped Anti, her sonically mature, and vastly underrated, eighth studio album. Since then, she’s gone on to star in two movies, launch a wildly successful makeup line, an inclusive lingerie line, and expand her collaboration with Puma. But each time Rihanna’s teased something new, her fans are always a little disappointed that it isn’t an album.

Well, the wait may almost be over.

During an appearance on U.K.’s Graham Norton Show over the weekend to promote Oceans 8, Norton asked the Bajan singer if fans can expect any new tunes soon.

Rihanna jokingly asked Norton, “Who sent you? I know one of my fans got to you,” before confirming that she’s “actually in the studio at the moment.”

While on Norton’s couch, the cheeky talk show host also asked Rihanna about her habit of leaving restaurants, hotels, and parties with a wine glass in hand. Folks have been pointing it out on social media for years, but Norton finally asked Rihanna what it was all about. After showing her a montage of her “offenses,” a mortified Rihanna finally told Norton, “My mom is going to see this!”
Don’t worry, Rih, after donating millions to humanitarian efforts, running several successful businesses, and winning nine Grammys, we have a feeling your mom isn’t tripping at all.

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