Rihanna Gets Painful Tribal Tattoo in New Zealand
Getty Images

If pain and blood isn’t your thing, by all means move on to the next post!

Rihanna decided to get some new ink, a Maori tattoo in fact, while on tour in New Zealand this week. The diva, whose tattoo count we’ve lost track of, decided to use the traditional method—a chisel, mallet and ink pigment. Ouch!

A portion of the process was captured on film for the world to see by Moko Ink, the shop responsible for Rihanna’s newest body art. And it certainly looks more painful than fun.

Despite the constant banging on her right hand, Rihanna keeps her composure during the process and even cracks a smile at one of the artists. The finished product features tiny lines and symbols stretching from her fingers down to her wrist (see inset).

Check out the painful process below.