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Rick Ross prides himself on being the biggest boss anyone’s seen thus far, but the Miami rapper treads lightly when it comes to entering new business deals. With a focus on keeping his work life as stress-free as possible after suffering two seizures in one day in 2011 and being found unresponsive in his Florida home in 2018, Ross tells ESSENCE, “I’m only a part of things that come natural to me.” That’s why the boss’s efforts to spread the word about Wingstop’s newest venture make sense.

In response to the nationwide chicken wing shortage, Wingstop is giving its customers another part of the bird to love. Thighstop.com is a new virtual offering selling thighs tossed in the same classic 11 flavors that made Wingstop a hit across the country, and it’s available for delivery through the brand’s exclusive partner DoorDash. Ross has already given the menu, which includes breaded boneless thighs, his stamp of approval.

“I had my first lemon pepper thigh and it took me to the next level,” he tells us. “We might as well prepare for the thigh shortage because it’s finna be like that!”

It’s been about six years since Ross became a franchisee of Wingstop, one of many businesses in his portfolio. We recently covered the Maybach Music CEO’s investment in JetDoc, an app that helps provide affordable access to care for underserved communities. Thinking about his own health, Ross is aware he has to take care of himself while expanding his empire.

“I was suffering from seizures a few years back that’s why I really had to take control of my health, my weight and my diet. I still enjoy Wingstop so I had to be a leader and lead by example,” he admits. “I had a big seven-figure offer to help take a tobacco company to another level, but I don’t smoke cigarettes and I didn’t want to be a part of that so I had to turn that down.”

Noting that he currently has 20 business partnerships he operates, Ross adds, “If it’s not something that comes organic like chicken wings or me working out or having one meal replacement or whatever it is, it’s gotta be something that I really enjoy, and that way it’s something that I do anyway so it’s not even work.”

Check out our full interview with Rick Ross in the video above as he talks about being mentored by his mother and how being a father motivates him as a boss in business.


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