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"RHoA" Star Marlo Hampton: "I'm Not Materialistic"

The Atlanta socialite says growing up poor in foster homes made her run to fashion.
Real Housewives of Atlanta star Marlo Hampton isn’t shy about her love for all things fashion. The Atlanta socialite is prone to unsolicited announcements of the designers she’s wearing, to the ire of Kandi Burruss.

On a recent episode she packed a whopping 29 pairs of shoes for the group’s trip to South Africa, and even picked an epic fight with co-star Sheree Whitfield, where she bragged about owning an Aston Martin and shopping at Neiman Marcus.

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But Hampton maintains she’s not materialistic. “I just love being around beautiful things,” she tells ESSENCE.com. “Because of all the darkness in my past and me being a child in foster homes, fashion is what I run to,” she adds. “And its not just fashion, I love having a beautiful home… I can sit right today and feel good because I have glitz and glam and it’s all mine.”

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Hampton’s wealth has been the source of much speculation between her co-stars, but the former foster child tells ESSENCE.com she’s used to all the scrutiny and all that matters is that she maintains her stability. “The main thing that always followed me from when I was a child is that I had to have a home. It’s just mine and I feel secure. I don’t have to worry about the foster care lady coming to move me to a different home.”

“It may not be the best thing to say, but it’s my truth.”

Can you relate to Marlo? Did growing up with very little teach you to want the finer things in life?

Check out a sneak peek of episode 15 featuring the fashionista and all her designer shoes.