Cynthia Bailey’s Advice to Kandi: ‘Command Respect from Your Mom’
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There’s trouble in Kandi-land.

If you watched this past week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta than you saw Kandi Burruss’ mother, ‘Mama Joyce,’ give her two cents (and a whole lot more) about her fiancé Todd Tucker. First it was about her engagment ring not being enough. Next, he was “an opportunist” who couldn’t provide for her daughter. And, she concluded, there is no mountain high enough to keep her “off you’re a#$, baby.”

During a recent visit to ESSENCE, co-star Peter Thomas said he tips his hat off to Todd for being respectful. “No one could ever talk to me like that,” he said. “Also, if a woman that I’m thinking about getting married to lets her mother talk to me like that then I don’t want to get married to you because you can’t stand up for anything,” he added.

So what should Kandi do? “She has to figure out how to command the same respect from her mom that she gives to her mom,” said Cynthia Bailey.

“My advice to Kandi is you’re grown, you’re smart, you’re successful. If the focus is to be respectful, than your mom has to be respectful of your household and your man.”

“Kandi is the only person that can turn this situation around,” added Bailey.

On the other hand, Thomas warns that since we’re only five episodes into season 6 we can’t jump to conclusions just yet. Maybe there will be a truce between Mama Joyce and Todd after all.

“We’re just curious as everyone else to see how it’s going to turn out,” he said.

Do you agree with Cynthia and Peter? Is Kandi the only person that can turn this situation around?

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