Who Knew?! Remy Ma’s Childhood Dream Was To Become A Mortician
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Anyone who’s ever heard Remy Ma rap knows that she slays, but Reminisce Mackie never set out to become one of the best rappers in the game. 

“The weird thing is I never wanted to be a rapper,” the Bronx native told Another Round‘s Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, “I’m actually friends with some of my teachers from school and they all think it’s the most insane thing in the world that I’m a rapper.”

The “All The Way Up” rapper joked that she thought she’d be something like an astronaut because “I really thought I was a genius when I was a kid. Then I ran into some real geniuses and thought ‘Ok, maybe I’m not a genius.’ “

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Ma revealed that, surprisingly, her childhood dream job was actually one that would give most people the heebie jeebies. “I wanted to be a mortician,” she said, adding that she and her friends would often steal medical supplies from the doctor’s office and Planned Parenthood in order to experiment on each other.

“I was the person who would go to the doctor and steal equipment and be an amateur lobotomist and gas my friends and draw their blood and they let me,” she joked, “If I got sick and went to the emergency room it was like a free for all.”

She continued, “I felt like, if I were a mortician I would get to see everything. I’d get to cut open the body and look at all the organs and then put them back together. And, the fashion stuff would come in and I’d get to dress them and do their makeup and their hair. That was my dream job and I was like ‘People die all the time I’m going to have a job forever.'”