As the cohost of the fourth annual Black Girls Rock, Regina King knows about governing and wielding own power. The award-winning actress who has nearly 20-plus years in the biz will join Tracee Ellis Ross to pay a respectful nod to those women who are making it happen in their personal and professional lives as well as the community. Founder DJ Beverly bond will honor Mary J. Blige, Raven Symone, Janelle Monae, Naomi Campbell and Sonia Sanchez. kicked it with King about the significance of this organization, her passion for uplifting young sisters and what she’s taught her son about women.

ESSENCE.COM: You’ve been down with DJ Beverly Bond since day one of Black Girls Rock. Why?
: Well what Beverly is doing is really positive. There are a lot of different organizations that are great as well but this one specifically is for young Black [girls] soon to be young women. It’s all about uplifting them by helping build their self esteem, affirm their beauty and remind them of their importance.

ESSENCE.COM: Which young ladies are you targeting?
These are the young ladies who are doing well against all odds but don’t get the most attention because they might be overshadowed by the young people who are getting the attention because of what they fail to do. We’re saying that we acknowledge and applaud their greatness. Kids need to know that we’re paying attention.

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ESSENCE.COM: What is the one thing you teach your teenage son about his female relationships?
: Before his teenage years I’ve always stressed the importance of being a gentleman. My son is 13 and he takes off his hat indoors (but asks if he can take it off if we’re in a pizza shop or something; and he opens doors. A lot of traditions that gentleman follow have become second nature to him so it’s important that he exercise those things.


Black Girls Rock takes place, Saturday, Oct. 17 at New Yorks Time Center located in .