Regina King Is Making A Cinderella Hip Hopera With A ‘Cinderfella’ At The Center
Getty Images

You may remember Beyoncé’s Carmen: A Hip Hopera—if you don’t, google it. The MTV production set the bar for “hip hopera” (hip hop and opera) by completely changing the game. Now, Regina King is getting into the mix with a hip hopera of her own.

The Emmy-winning actress is teaming up with legendary rapper Dana Dane to adapt his 1987 hit “Cinderfella” into a hip hop musical event. 

The classic “Cinderfella” turned the fairy tale classic into a hood story with Dane rapping about his fairy godfather, replacing the glass slippers with fresh Ballys. 

TMZ reports that Ice Cube may also join the project. The script is complete and King and Dana are currently shopping it around. King has starred in a retelling of Cinderella before with 2004’s Hilary Duffy-led A Cinderella Story. We’d love to see her step into a new role in this “Cinderfella” adaptation. 


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