Tracey Edmonds is no stranger to lights, camera, action. The “Extra” TV co-host is just as much in the limelight as her famous boyfriend, NFL Network analyst, Deion Sanders. The pair will both be in Santa Clara, CA this weekend for Super Bowl 50 as the Denver Broncos prepare to battle it out on the gridiron with the Carolina Panthers for the NFL championship. ESSENCE caught up with Edmonds before she touched down at the big game and she spilled the tea on dating an alpha male, dancing with Deion and being a strong, independent woman.

ESSENCE: As co-host of “Extra,” you typically interview celebrities walking the red carpet. Tell us why you’ll be walking the red carpet yourself during Super Bowl week.

Tracey Edmonds: I actually took days off from work to take a vacation. I wanted to go to Super Bowl as a girlfriend. Deion and I have primary residences in two different states so we’re often traveling a lot back and forth. We have it down to where we don’t go longer than a week and a half without seeing each other but it’s a chance to exhale, enjoy the walk. No stress. No deadlines. It also gives me a chance to catch up with friends.

What events are on your social calendar and who will you be wearing?

I’m on-set until Friday. I’ll meet Deion out there [San Francisco] on Friday night. He’s got everything lined up. We’ll definitely be attending the NFL Honors awards and a couple of industry parties. Oh, and I will be wearing Ziad Nakad.

So you guys will be getting your boogie-on at Super Bowl. Who’s the better dancer, you or Deion?

I don’t know. I don’t get to see him dance much. He’s an amazing dancer, but he rarely gets on the dance floor anymore. I LOVE to dance. I’m the one at a wedding or a party who can stay on a dance floor endlessly until they play a song I don’t like.

Do you and Deion ever critique each other on your on-air skills?

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Deion is a true, true alpha male. One of the things you have to be smart with when it comes to alpha males is when to critique and when not to. I stay away from critiquing his commentary. He’s really good at what he does. We will critique our fashion statements. A few years ago, I teased him that his suits were too long and baggy. I told him to get more current or get a good tailor. He finally listened to me. He revamped his entire suit wardrobe.

Since he is an alpha male, how do you find balance in the relationship as a career woman?

Some say I’m an alpha female. I have to run my household and wear the pants with my family. I have one kid in college, one in a very expensive private school. I’ve never taken a penny in alimony [from ex-husband Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds]. I don’t do child support; we split everything 50/50. So, I love being with a strong man. It’s nice to take the lane of being a female and letting Deion be in charge of some things.

Are you a football fan?

I’m learning more and more. I’ve been at “Extra” now almost a year and a half. My co-host, Charissa Thompson has a second job as a correspondent for Fox Sports. Not only do we work together but she’s also become one of my closet girlfriends. I look to her as my sports authority, to educate me on the game. She’ll coach me sometimes so I can look smart around Deion.

Do you have a favorite NFL team?

I become a Seahawks fan two years ago when they won the Super Bowl. I was so proud of their brotherhood. There were so many African American men on the team. They were so strong that year.

Who are you routing for to win Super Bowl 50?

I’m routing for Cam Newton and the Panthers but I do like Peyton [Manning] who is one of the oldest quarterbacks in the League. I love that. He’s still a leader, a force to be reckoned with.