Whether you’re a diehard football fan or a casual spectator, sports fans will all be tuned in this weekend for Super Bowl 50 as the Denver Broncos go up against the Carolina Panthers for the NFL championship. Tickets for the big game are hard to come by unless of course you’re Leah Harris, who just so happens to be the wife of Broncos’ cornerback, Chris Harris, Jr. Before packing her Louis Vuitton bag and hopping on a private jet to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, the 27-year-old mother-to-be spoke with ESSENCE about supporting her man, her favorite designers and of course who she thinks will win.

ESSENCE: Congratulations on Chris and the Broncos going to the Super Bowl. How big is this moment for your family?

Leah Harris: Two years ago we went to our first Super Bowl after my husband tore his ACL in a playoff game. He had to travel with the wives and kids instead of the team. So, this is such a big deal. We prayed for this moment. It’s so meaningful that my husband gets to play this time. Last time we made a baby at Super Bowl. It was so much fun. It’s funny this time I’m pregnant again [16 weeks]!

That’s fantastic; a baby is always such a blessing. Earlier you mentioned prayer. Is religion or spirituality a big part of your marriage?

Chris and I actually met at Bible study when I was 19. That’s how our whole relationship started. [He was] dealing with the [NFL] lockout and was unable to play. We always prayed together. My dad is a pastor and I knew I had to have that with a future husband. I always send [Chris] a prayer and scripture before every game and he’s gotten so used to them. One time I was late sending the text and he text me asking, “Where was the text?”

Who are the lucky friends and family members that get to go with you to the big game?

I talked to other wives and they recommended keeping it to immediate family. The League gives us two tickets and we have an opportunity to buy another 13. We have six family members that will come up one day and six the next. I have OCD so I typed up an itinerary for everyone. We are all leaving on the team charter from Denver. It’ll be our siblings, aunts and an uncle. My mom and his mom are like BFFs. It’s funny, they’re like little kids laughing and giggling together.

Will you and your family get to see Chris in the days leading up to the game?

The players have a curfew. Probably around 10PM or so but after their meetings, they’ll have a few hours of free time everyday. We’ll probably do dinner and Chris will be smiling ear-to-ear spending time with everyone.

There are lots of star-studded events that go on the week leading up to Super Bowl. Do you have any scheduled on your social calendar?

My sister actually works for OPI [nail polish]. She runs their marketing department. They’re actually gonna sponsor a party and a little luncheon for all the wives and moms to get their nails done. It’s going to be exciting and free. All my support will be there [my mother and mother-in-law] to help with my baby so I get a chance to look cute and bust out the heels.

Who will you be wearing?

I love wearing dresses! BCBG is my hands down, go-to store. I’ll probably wear one of their wrap dresses, a floppy hat and shoes by Stuart Weitzman. My daughter will wear a hat and cute little dress similar to mine from Carters. It’s from the Janie & Jack store. She is such a fashionista. I have so much fun having a little girl. She’s my doll baby. She’s such a sassy little thing. She loves to say, ”Daddy,” but never says ”Mama”.

I’m sure she will look absolutely adorable. Any thoughts on the game itself?

This will probably be Peyton’s [Manning] last year so I’m so proud he can play. It’s the big 50 [anniversary of the Super Bowl] so there’s going to be good vibes. I’m so confident we [the Denver Broncos] are going to do well!