10 Best Moments from ‘Real Housewives’ Finale

10 Best Moments from ‘Real Housewives’ Recap

Nothing could have prepared us for all the confusion that was Cynthia and Peter’s wedding on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” finale. As one of our Twitter followers noted, you would have thought she was about to face execution, not her wedding. While NeNe, Kim, Pheadra, Sheree and Kandi had their own story lines, this finale was all about Cynthia’s wedding. Take a look at 10 moments we won’t be forgetting any time soon from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” finale.

Lawrence debuts “Closet Freak”

Now that’s what you call a performance. We hope Kim was taking notes as Sheree’s hairstylist “Miss” Lawrence staged the debut for his song, “Closet Freak,” produced by Kandi. And honey, with his cinched waist, lipgloss and dramatic eyelashes, Miss Lawrence was giving those Atlanta girls a run for their precious money.

Phaedra shows some emotion

A kinder, gentler Phaedra emerged on this episode on RHOA. The resident Southern belle goes back to work when baby Ayden is 8 weeks old, and sheds a tear on her way to work. Aww… We had a rocky start with Phaedra, but by the finale she turned into one of the more sensible cast members. In any case, we’ll miss her sassy Phaedra-isms, like “I’m ready to sue everybody,” which she said on her way back to work.

Kandi and Kim discuss money, yet again

Ever the diplomat, Kandi sets up a meeting with Kim to make sure money doesn’t get in the way of their friendship. It’s too bad Kim already went behind her back and had her attorney speak with one of Kandi’s co-producers, not Kandi, about money for “Ring Don’t Mean a Thing.” Shady business if you ask us. It’s been months since the song was recorder so we’re guessing the money issues were never resolved.

Sheree’s acting audition is all types of wrong

Oh no she didn’t! That’s what seemed to be going through actress Terri Vaughn’s mind as she watched Sheree’s acting audition for the movie, “If These Hips Could Talk.” Clearly impatient with Sheree’s acting, Vaughn’s harsh criticism made even Simon Cowell seem like a breath of fresh air. It’s no wonder she became a trending topic on Twitter. Needless to say, Sheree got the part, so maybe her audition wasn’t half bad.

Cynthia’s mother has doubts about the wedding

Nine hours before her wedding and Cynthia was crying on everybody’s shoulder. Now we know everybody’s a little nervous on their wedding day, but Cynthia seemed downright frightened. Somber for most of the day and dressed in black, you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking Cynthia was preparing for a funeral, rather than her wedding. Her mother Barbara breaks down and says she thinks Peter is financially abusive. “I don’t like the way he handles his business,” she. “It breaks my heart…He needs to take care of you and Noelle.” But it’s her weddign day, probably a little late to have that talk.

NeNe and Gregg talks things out

NeNe and Gregg finally have a talk about their deteriorating marriage. Gregg apologizes for not “understanding” NeNe’s hurt. NeNe doesn’t look convinced (he’s said “sorry” a million times, she says) but she takes the high road and says she hopes they remain friends even if their marriage doesn’t work out. “I know my worth,” she says in the realest, “We hear that sister-girl!” moment of the show.

Cynthia can’t find her marriage license!

Oh heck, here we go again. Between her wedding dress being incomplete, having no money to pay for for the liquor, and Peter not buying their wedding bands, we just couldn’t take any more surprises from Cynthia’s wedding. And bang, there was more drama when Cynthia couldn’t find the marriage license, which meant she couldn’t be married under Georgia law. Except, the marriage license wasn’t missing, her sister and mother were hiding it from her. After agreeing that sabotaging Cynthia’s wedding isn’t such a great idea, the marriage license reappears and the wedding goes as planned.

Kim and Kroy go public

Kim and Kroy are officially boo’d up. Kim takes Cynthia’s weddign as the perfect ocassion to show off her new, who, by the way, is single and available for public functions. “I think Kroy is a big improvement from Big Poppa,” says Sheree. We guess anyone who can bee seen in public with you is an improvement.

NeNe and Dwight kiss, make up, dance the night away

Oh em gee, in case you forgot, before there was a Lawrence and Sheree, there was NeNe and Dwight, long-lost frenemies. Dwight takes the occasion to steal an orchid branch from a table and ask for NeNe’s hand in marr..oops, friendship. They make up and dance the night away. The end, for now.

Cynnthia and Peter say “I do”

Peter shows up drunk, Cynthia is clearly ambivalent about getting married, and her sister’s behavior is starting to resemble Whitney Houston’s sister in “The Bodyguard.” For a minute this wasn’t going well, at all. Then, a moment of tenderness as Peter welled up watching his gorgeous wife-to-be emerge from the balcony. They kept the ceremony short, and filled with sweetness. In the end, “Mr. and Mr. Peter Thomas,” (as Cynthia’s wedding planner, Kithe Brewster, referred to them) had a beautiful wedding. Here’s to the lovely couple.