Sheree can dance? You betcha. This week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” was nothing if not full of surprises — from Sheree’s graceful turn on the dance floor to Peter’s proposal to Cynthia. Kandi is grooming Sheree’s hairstylist, Lawrence, to become the “next” RuPaul, and Kim continues to show why she’s no fiscal conservative by spending almost $60,000 (her estimation) to redecorate her daughter’s room. And though this episode was light on resident house mother NeNe Leakes, the other castmates were dishing plenty of sass. Find out our favorite moments from this week’s RHoA. No Recessionistas Here We don’t expect Sheree and Kim to cut down on their spending any time soon — duh, isn’t that why we watch? Sheree surprises her daughters (and us) with her latest gift to herself, an Aston Martin (valued at $133,000) while Kim remodels her office (with real gold dust details, darling) and her daughter’s room for an estimated $60,000. “Could I downsize? Yeah. Do I want to? No!” declares Sheree in the night’s cheekiest quote. She is right about rewarding yourself for all your hard work though. It’s a shame the Aston Martin was reportedly repossessed. Sheree’s response? “It’s okay, it’s a car, I’ll get another one.” Does The Ring Mean a Thing? Hopefully, Cynthia won’t be singing Kandi’s latest track for Kim, “The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing,” any time soon. But judging by the look on her face when Peter proposes to her, we’re weary. Then again, she doesn’t like surprises, so that could explain the lack of emotion on her face. Fingers crossed. Rump Shaker Kim can’t help eying Atlanta Falcons player Kroy Biermann’s posterior at Sheree’s charity dance competition and gets her cougar on immediately. “You can bounce a quarter off that a*s,” she says. “Unbelievable!” Kim and Kroy sounds like an awesome name for a group, don’t you think? Rumor is the two are now officially dating, and we got to witness how they met. Aren’t we special? Baby, Oh, Baby You can always count on Phaedra to provide the episode’s kookiest moments. She’s now ready for that baby to “crawl” out of her vajayjay and has hired an assistant to look for frivolous items like “penis ointment” so she can “spend time buying cute clothes” for her baby and spoiling herself. We agree a mom does need to spoil herself before giving birth, but a bedazzled gown and slippers before giving birth is slightly OTT. But it’s Phaedra, so we bet the baby won’t make this a messy affair. She’s a Flirt In the night’s most unexpected moment, NeNe seems to be looking at Peter way more that we thought she was. “Hmm, I do like Peter,” she says. “The darker the berry the sweeter the juice.” Awwwkward! We live for NeNe’s wisecracks but what was she thinking with that one?  What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode of “RHoA”?

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