Kenya Moore Moved to Tears: ‘I’ve Had To Be Strong Because Of Everything My Mother Did’
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In her four seasons as a cast member of the hit Bravo series, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore has made it known that the relationship she has with her mother is non-existent.

During a visit to the ESSENCE office, the former Miss USA admits she’s found closure in trying to seek a relationship between the two and her dad has helped her get through it.

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“It was just time for closure either way and I just had to do it,” Moore said. “I felt relieved in a way because I felt like it was over. And I felt like I didn’t have to torture myself internally anymore and I felt stronger because I had my dad on my side and he was just like my biggest fan even when we were apart.”

Moore has been vocal about trying different tactics to getting in touch with her mother over the years but as seen in an episode of the series this season, she was bold enough to ring her mother’s doorbell hoping to get answers.

While her attempt for connection was once again rejected, it’s a decision the reality star said she wouldn’t change. In fact, she’s thankful that the show has given her the platform to help other people cope with their own familial issues.

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“I heard from so many people that have similar situations, not the same but abandonment or non-acknowledgement or abused mentally from a parent and I just feel like I helped a lot of people be braver and stronger for it.”


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