Rapper Yo-Yo Claims R. Kelly’s Team Tried To Slip Her Daughter His Number
Rapper Yo-Yo says she felt betrayed when R. Kelly’s team allegedly slipped the singer’s number to her daughter. The rapper told TMZ while walking the red carpet last week at the 2019 Bounce Trumpet Awards that she and her daughter, who was over 21 at the time, had been invited to Kelly’s Los Angeles studio to listen to new music when it all went down.
“I actually went to listen to his music and my daughter came with me,” she recalled. “The sad part was when we got home, my daughter said, ‘Mom, someone passed me R. Kelly’s number.’ I said, ‘What!?’ She’s like, ‘Mom, please don’t say nothing. That’s why I didn’t want to tell you.'” The rapper added that while she didn’t have an opinion before because “as an artist, you don’t really want to say too much,” but that changed once her daughter was approached by the singer’s team.


Yo-Yo said that the incident made her realize that “there is a real problem.” “Because with all of that that was going on for that to still happen — and it happened to me. I was thinking I’m your friend. I come here with my daughter who’s over 21, but you don’t know my daughter’s age, and behind my back? You will slide my daughter your number? That’s just weird to me, like a weirdo. Who would do that?” R. Kelly has been accused by dozens of underage girls and women of sexual and physical abuse. The singer has continuously denied the claims.