R. Kelly Reportedly Dropped By Music Label
Prince Williams
If a new report is accurate, R. Kelly was dropped by his record label, Sony and RCA Records. The news comes after Liftime’s docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, aired, which included the voices of 50 of the singer’s alleged victims and survivors who claimed R. Kelly sexually and physically abused them and their families. Since then, critics have called for RCA to drop R. Kelly.

Black Culture, Sexual Harassment, and #SurvivingRKelly--join ESSENCE editors for a conversation with Mouse Jones and Ayesha Faines on sexual misconduct and abuse within the Black community.

Posted by Essence on Friday, January 11, 2019
Variety reports that Sony decided to “dissolve” their “working relationship” with the singer although he’ll remain listed on their websites since R. Kelly’s back catalog will still be owned by the music companies. Still, both Sony and RCA declined to comment and Variety says no actual announcement will be made. The move comes after streaming websites, including Spotify, removed R. Kelly’s music from playlists and other algorithms. And artists, including Celine Dion and Lady Gaga, removed their collaborations with the producer from streaming services.

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Not to mention, protesters demonstrated outside Sony’s New York headquarters earlier this week, demanding the company drop him from the label.
R. Kelly has continuously denied the sexual misconduct allegations levied against him for the past two decades. Also, Kelly’s Chicago-based attorney, Steve Greenberg, recently labeled Surviving R. Kelly as just “another around of stories” that were created “to fill reality TV time.”


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