Quinta Brunson Just Might Be The Funniest Woman On the Internet
Robin Marchant/Getty Images
You’ve probably come across one of Quinta Brunson’s videos. She’s known to some as the broke girl shocked that her date has a Netflix, HBO, and Hulu account and has been seen Milli Rocking around the globe; Brunson’s videos go viral, shared by her massive social media following. via GIPHY The BuzzFeed video star’s latest series is another laugh out loud comedy about a pet adoption center and the antics of its employees, “I love office comedies,” Brunson shares in an interview with ESSENCE on Up for Adoption, which has eight episodes on Verizon’s go90 and was inspired by her own experience while adopting a cat and her love for shows like The Office and 30 Rock. Brunson plays Michelle in the mockumentary-style web series, an oddball character who’s only smilarity to Brunson is her love for cats. Up for Adoption also features animals that you can actually adopt. See a cute furry face you’d like to bring home? Head to spcaLA and you can adopt it or any other four-legged friend. Up for Adoption is another example of Brunson’s focus on creating inclusive content, videos that everyone can see themselves in. “I make that a point with all my work. I just think that it’s great to have characters that aren’t always represented, or people who aren’t always represented be represented through characters. I think that what makes people and characters interesting are their problems and how they deal with them from day to day.” via GIPHY This also extends to creating characters who represent black women and different aspects of who we are to show that there isn’t just one type. “People of color are still trying to get full representation in the media because we need to see different versions of ourselves. Speaking from my experience, my awkward black girl is not the same as Issa’s awkward black girl, but we’re still two versions of awkward black girl. Different versions of us need to be in the media, it opens up opportunities and shows the world who we really are, which is important.” Brunson has full control of her vision, a requirement that was important for her when deciding to work at BuzzFeed and team with Verizon for her new series. “Not too many people were going to write a character like Michelle for me. It’s important for me to be able to make exactly what I want to make.” With Brunson being such a big fixture on the internet, she’s slowly but surely becoming somewhat of a celebrity. She’s recognized on the street and adds that she’s hesitant to check her DMs. But, from speaking with her, it’s clear that Brunson doesn’t let any of that get to her, admitting that she’s really just turning into an old lady, avoiding the messiness of social media much of the time. via GIPHY Still, her star will continue to rise and Brunson may need to get used to her budding fame. She has a number of projects in the works — she can’t quite share them yet — that will no doubt include more laughs and more characters that we’ll fall in love with. “There are really, really great things coming in a more traditional sphere, great projects coming up.” We can’t wait to see them. You can catch Up for Adoption on Verizon’s go90.com

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