Lifetime is venturing away from their usual romantic dramas and biopics to focus on a real-world issue. 

Announced on Thursday, the network is making a film about Flint, Michigan’s water crisis that’s been in the headlines since 2014— although the city’s water has been considered of poor quality since the 1970s. 

Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, and Marin Ireland are set to star in the film.

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As reported by Deadline, the film follows the true story of three women from Flint who seek justice following the wrongdoing committed against the residents of the city who were unknowingly drinking and using lead-laden water. Their real-life actions inspired a national movement for safe drinking water despite the political powers working against them at every turn.

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Latifah and Scott will play activists who fight to expose the poisoning going on in the city that lies 70 miles north of Detroit. Katie Couric will executive produce the project alongside Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere through Flavor Unit.

While the film has faced criticism on Twitter, we’re hoping it brings more attention to an issue that’s yet to be resolved— followed by much deserved/needed federal funds.