Wondaland And Hitco’s Josh Dean Is Manifesting His Dreams
Photo Credit: Jairo

Over the summer, Josh Dean dropped the video for his single, “DropDead” from his EP Dear BlackSheepe. Directed by Child, the video featured dreamy, kaleidoscopic imagery, tons of style, and smooth choreography.

It’s this image, Dean’s music, and his urge to explore and blend all of it together to create his own world that make the rising star the perfect fit for Wondaland and Hitco.

Dean’s career started with an internship for Bryan-Michael Cox, before he became the Art Director for Janelle Monáe’s Wondaland Records. It was there where Monáe and a few execs discovered the shy artist’s talent and convince him to pursue music as a career.

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“There were so many opportunities for me,” Dean said. “Everybody took me under their wing.”

Eventually, Dean joined Wondaland’s roster of artists and signed with LA Reid’s Hitco Records after impressing Reid with his music. The singer says it was also at Hitco where he felt most at home.

“I went to other labels and talked to people. It was never the same vibes. It was never the same. I didn’t feel the same after I played my music. I thought about it for about two months then I decided I’d sign with L.A.”

Wondaland And Hitco’s Josh Dean Is Manifesting His Dreams
Photo Credit: Jairo

Dean admits that the whole ride from intern to signed artist has been a bit surreal, evening adding that some of the people who knew him were surprised when they heard his music. It’s all due to the fact that he’s a bit of an “omnivert.”

“I have my moments. I definitely have my moments where I can be very outgoing, but I also have moments where I just wanna be alone. I grew up an only child, you know what I mean, and so I’m very settled in my ways, if that makes sense.”

Still, when Dean breaks it all down, explaining the steps and decisions along the way, it’s clear he’s manifested all of his success by just putting the work and energy out there.

Wondaland And Hitco’s Josh Dean Is Manifesting His Dreams
Photo Credit: Jairo

“I wrote this list in my journal; I wanted to be a graphic designer, I wanted to be an art director, I wanted to do background vocals, I wanted to go on tour, and then I wanted to write my own songs, be my own artist. I wrote that down.”

As he continues to manifest his dreams, Dean plans to release more music, possibly by the end of the year. And fans might be treated to a new video from the Dear BlackSheepe EP.

“We’re working on some stuff, working on some new songs for the end of the year, so keep your ears open.”