Soft-spoken and incredibly shy, New Orleans-native Ambré Perkins, known mononymously as Ambré, is on “a whole journey of me figuring out myself.” Thankfully, the self-taught musician uses ten silky tracks to say exactly how she feels—on her new EP titled Pulp.

When the 23-year-old arrived in Los Angeles back in 2017, she hit the ground running, connecting with the likes of Kehlani and H.E.R. Releasing two independent projects prior to Pulp, titled Wanderlust and 2090s, the singer also received three Grammy nominations last year, winning Best R&B Album for her work with H.E.R. on the singer’s self-titled album.

Now, with Pulp, Ambré is focused on her own sound and storytelling.

“The project itself, is a psychedelic experience,” Ambré told ESSENCE. “[It’s] basically a coming of age story. I just wanted to touch on the feeling of being a little lost, but also open. I feel like you kind of don’t lose that.”

The singer’s penchant for storytelling comes from Ambré’s obsession with movies. She’s in love with the medium so much that she’d definitely be into creating a soundtrack, possibly for a reimagined version of The Wizard of Oz.

“I’m a visual person. When I write music I have to be looking at something,” she said. “I like a lot of blaxploitation films and things like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Pulp Fiction and Eyes Wide Shut.”

I’m making songs every day.

The singer said that it’s been exciting to have her music out there, but admitted she never knows what to say to fans.

“I never know how to talk to people. They’re nervous and I’m nervous. It’s fun though. I love it,” she said.

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Ambré said she gets through the nerve-wracking experience by keeping in mind that “these people connected with my stuff in some way. I’m a fan first too so I’ve been on the other side. I just keep that in mind. We’re all the same.”

Since the release of Pulp, Ambré said she’s taking a little bit of a break, but hasn’t stopped writing. In fact, she writes every day. And there’s the possibility of more music in 2020.

“I am trying to find other hobbies to be immersed in,” she said with a laugh. “But I’ve got a lot of music. I’m making songs every day.”


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