The Presidential Playlist: What We Imagine POTUS Is Really Listening To

The White House teamed up with Spotify to release President Obama’s ultimate summer playlist. The mix features songs like “Another Star” by Stevie Wonder and “Green Light” by John Legend, and while we think those tunes are perfectly fine, we have a feeling that that’s really not what POTUS is downloading to his iPod. What is the president listening to when GOP lawmakers block landmark legislation? What about when he’s alone in the Oval Office? These are the 8 songs that we suspect President Obama is secretly jamming to when no one is around. Warning: some language NSFW.

When He’s Dealing with Republicans
We know POTUS has to put on a bureaucratic face during congressional appearances, but we’re willing to bet he hums the opening lines of this song before he takes the podium.

When He’s Clowning with Joe Biden
POTUS and Joe Biden give us squad goals. They’re the clique to end all cliques, and we wouldn’t want to get on their bad side.

When His Legislation is Blocked
All he’s asking is for a little respect. 

When He Passes Landmark Legislation
President Obama is going to funk you up. Don’t believe him? Just watch. *Cue swag*

When He’s Unwinding with FLOTUS
When the lights go down, when the secret service agents go home, we imagine this is the soundtrack echoing in the White House halls. 

When Donald Trump Says Something Racist
Newsflash, Donald: POTUS isn’t sweating your trivial comments. 

When He Remembers He’s President of the United States
We have a feeling President Obama sometimes wants to hop in his motorcade and roll through the streets of D.C., windows down, blasting this anthem.

When He’s Alone in the Oval Office
Obama might have the presidential title, but he knows as well as we do who’s really the mastermind behind everything: Michelle! 

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