Porsha Williams On Her Unborn Daughter: ‘I’m Really Connected To Her Now’
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We all know Porsha Williams appreciates her new membership in #RollieGang, but the blessing she is most grateful for isn’t a material possession. It’s her unborn baby girl. We recently caught up with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star on the latest episode of the ESSENCE Yes, Girl! podcast and her adorable baby bump to talk fertility, fibroids, and how grateful she is about “baby making three” with fiancé, Dennis McKinley. After suffering a series of miscarriages in her previous relationship due to an ongoing struggle with fibroid tumors, Williams shared how thankful she was to be experiencing a viable pregnancy.

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She plans on honoring her “rainbow babies” by spreading the word among Black women suffering from fibroids about taking their fertility into their own hands through ultrasound technology. “I didn’t find out I had fibroids until I got pregnant,” the mom-to-be told ESSENCE. “That’s not cool.” Thanks to proper knowledge and quality medical care, this time around has been completely different for her. “I got past the date of when I had had my miscarriage so, then you kind of start believing like, ‘wow!’ She’s really gonna be here,” she continued. “I’m really connected to her now. I believed it but, I didn’t really connect to it until recently.” For Williams, the journey to motherhood started to feel “real” to her when she was further along than she had ever been before.

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“Thank God,” she added, gushing about how her baby girl was already a fighter who had beat out fibroids. “Listen to this miracle,” she exclaimed, before sharing details about her recent hospital stay, which resulted in mom and baby leaving happy and healthy. Get the full story and hear about more of the miracles making an appearance in Porsha’s life on the complete episode HERE.


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