Paris Jackson Has ‘Golf Ball’ Sized Abscess Removed A Day Before Playing Live Show With Band
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Paris Jackson is recovering after undergoing surgery this past Friday to remove an abscess. The late Michael Jackson’s only daughter took to her Instagram to share that she was doing well, noting that the surgery happened a day before she took the stage to perform with her new band, The Soundflowers. The 20-year-old had to have an abscess “that was almost the size of a golf ball” surgically removed, she said in a video Saturday posted on her band’s Instagram stories. Jackson explained that she had to have the procedure immediately because it was easy for the abscess, also called boils, to go septic. Abscesses are pus-filled pockets of tender mass that are quite common, according to WebMD. They can become infectious if not taken care of properly. “They operated immediately,” Jackson said, adding that because she did not choose to take anesthesia, “it was definitely the most pain that I’ve ever been through in my entire life.”

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The procedure went well and Jackson was able to take the stage the next day at a cancer fundraiser with her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, in the audience. “I can’t believe my grandma made it to our second live show ever. and she actually liked it!?!!!” she wrote in an Instagram post. “I was shitting my pants. I love you so much grandma. I’m so happy we got to play for you and to play for such an incredible cause.” Jackson isn’t the only member of the famous musical clan’s next generation to show an affinity for music. Jermaine Jackson’s sons — Jermaine, Jafaar, and Jermajesty Jackson — also shown a passion for music.


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