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Oprah Winfrey Is Obsessed With 'Wonder Woman' And Wants Everyone To Know

Who knew media's very own 'Wonder Woman' was a stan?
When Oprah Winfrey is obsessed with something, she makes it known. The media mogul’s new favorite thing is DC’s Wonder Woman film that’s dominated box offices for two weeks. The film, which has grossed $212 million domestically, set a record opening for a female directed feature.   On Twitter, Winfrey shared a package filled with Wonder Woman paraphernalia, including cuffs, a headpiece, popcorn bucket and flip flops. In another post, she shares a photo of her dog, Sadie who’s less than thrilled to be wearing a matching Wonder Woman headpiece.   “Sadie’s not so sure about her wonderwomanness,” the OWN Network founder tweeted. While reviews for the comic book movie have been favorable, there has been criticism about Black women supporting the film because of lead actress Gal Gadot and her support of pro-Israel Defense Forces (IDF).