Omari Hardwick: Denzel Washington Saved Me from Homelessness
Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Life for Power star Omari Hardwick hasn’t always been of glitter and gold.

The actor sat down with The Real talk show co-host Loni Love and revealed that Denzel Washington and his family once saved him when he was on the brink of losing it all.

Why We Love Denzel Washington

“They perfectly and appropriately didn’t help me out,” Hardwick admitted. “They gave me shelter when I didn’t have a place to stay.”

The former Being Mary Jane hearthrob said he became close with the family when he worked as a substitute teacher and football coach at the high school attended by their eldest son, John David Washington.

After working a string of odd jobs, doing a stint as a firefighter and shooting a defunct series with Spike Lee, Hardwick found himself jobless, showering in a YMCA and living in his car.

When threats of reposession almost cost him, the Washington’s extended a helping hand.

“Pauletta Washington paid, and this is the first time I’ve ever probably said it on camera, she paid for my car, you know, to not be taken back. They paid for it. She called and said, ‘I got to get down Denzel’s approval first, but he was like ‘all good.’

Hardwick paid the Washingtons back and now the fruits of their generosity and his hard work have manifested into wonderful things.


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