There will be no one crashing the Obama’s Christmas vacation. The Secret Service is on top of the first family’s visit to the President’s home state, Hawaii. To prepare for their yearly trip home, security has blocked some streets in the Kailua neighborhood, where the Obamas plan to spend their Christmas and Yew Year holiday. Agents have scouted the best travel routes for the family’s mortorcade and have made sure to look for “possible sniper positions, safe houses and hospitals,” Hawaii News Now reported.

“Every trip the president makes is a challenge. And for us, it’s game day. Every time he leaves the White House property, it’s the Super Bowl,” Special Agent Tom McCarthy told Hawaii News Now.
They’ve also set up a press room for the President at the Westin Moana Surfrider in Waikiki should news break out.

Although the President’s travel routes will not be publicized, Honolulu police have warned drivers to expect delays due to the first family’s motorcade.

The Obamas are set to arrive in Hawaii some time this afternoon and are expected to stay until January 11th.

On another note, Hawaii News Now also reported that the family has left behind the White House pooch, Bo. Apparently the Pacific State has strong laws for K-9 travelers, including a required “120-day or 5-day-or-less rabies quarantine.” We’re sure Bo will have a wonderful Christmas back in Washington.

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