A day after TLC released their first video in 14 years, “Way Back”, the internet was incredibly excited about more to come from the legendary R&B group.

In April, they announced their new album was dropping June 30 and subsequent tour will begin in July. “We owe so much of our success to you,” they said in a statement to fans. 

“Your loyalty and support throughout the past 20 years motivates us to do our best work. Without you, we wouldn’t have ten top 10 singles and four number 1 singles… Without you, we wouldn’t have become the most successful girl group of all time! Without you there would be no TLC!!”

All the gratitude led one fan on Twitter to ask a looming question on his mind: “Does anyone know if TLC has relaxed its policy on scrubs?,” comedian Paul F. Tompkins said, referring to their 1999 hit single of the same name.





Thousands of people replied with hilarious comebacks to the rhetorical question. But the cutest response came from TLC who tweeted, “hell no!” 


Guess that closes the door on a guy that thinks he’s fly and he’s also known as a busta.

Fans can purchase tickets for I Love the 90s Tour featuring TLC right here.

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