Niecy Nash On How to Keep a Marriage Alive
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Even though she’s keeping busy on 3 different sitcoms, TV Land’s The Soul Man, HBO’s Getting On, and the new Fox series, Scream Queens, Niecy Nash always finds a way to spend time with her husband.

The funny lady shared some tips and tricks from her new book, It’s Hard To Fight Naked, with HuffPost Live on Thursday.

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“Get together with someone who is like-minded. When you want the same things it’s so much easier to navigate things because you’re going in the same direction,” she said. “Who I am is a lover, is a wife. I’m still my husband’s girlfriend, and we still date.”

While Nash knows not all relationships are the same, each couple has to find a way to make the best out of their courtship.

“You have to do the thing that works for you,” she said. The thing that works for she and husband of four years, Jay Tucker? “Making a lot of love and drinking expensive champagne!”


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