Niecy Nash Shares Empowering Message Of Why To ‘Love Your Body’ With Swimsuit Selfies
Maarten de Boer / Getty Images

This article originally appeared on People

Niecy Nash wants everybody to know every body is beautiful.

The Claws actress, 47, shared an empowering body positivity message on Instagram and Twitter Thursday, along with a series of swimsuit-clad mirror selfies.

“I APOLOGIZE to myself! I bought a new swimsuit and tried it on last night, then proceeded to Drag Myself – pointing out every ‘flaw’, every bump, lump, scar, ripple and stretch mark,” Nash began her lengthy post.

But then the mother of three reframed her “flaws” as benefits.

“I changed my conversation with myself: These hips caught two husbands (and a few boos), my thighs touch but I gained weight having good food with great people,” Nash reminded herself.

“I see my c-section scar peeking out but it’s a reminder that I brought 3 beautiful children into the world … I allowed my stretch marks to whisper ‘you are a grown ass women who has survived a few thangs and STRETCHED in ways you never thought you could,’ ” the Dancing with the Stars alum wrote.

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In conclusion, Nash made a promise to herself and her followers about self-love.

“Loving your body can be a rollercoaster ride ESPECIALLY WITHOUT A FILTER! but…With all that said I purpose [sic] to be kinder to myself today then I was yesterday,” she promised.

Back in August 2010, Nash spoke to PEOPLE about loving her curves during her season 10 run on DWTS.

“I love looking like a woman,” the Emmy-nominated star shared. “My joy is my biggest gift. If there’s something I want to do, I’m going to take a shot.”