Nicki Minaj Slams Magazines For Changing Her Hair While Allowing ‘Women Of A Different Race To Wear The Exact Style’
Eugene Gologursky/
This article originally appeared on People.    Nicki Minaj has never been one to hold back her feelings on social media. (You don’t get to wear the clapback queen crown by being silent.) And on Thursday, the no-nonsense rapper took to Twitter to spill some tea about the magazine industry. Minaj called out “fashion mags” for altering the way she looks in photo shoots, but not doing the same to women of different races.
“For years, fashion mags would change my hair for their covers but allow women of a diff race to wear the exact style on the cover,” she tweeted Thursday. When one fan pointed out that magazines should stop changing Minaj’s look because of her “queen” status, Minaj confirmed cryptically that “they’re still doing it,” leaving many to believe that her latest magazine spread has not been revealed yet.   Minaj, who is known for her mane makeovers on stage and on the red carpet, told PEOPLE in the past that every time she changes her hair, “it’s a high.”   “I get tired of things quickly,” Minaj said in 2012. “I love change when it comes to my look … I need a new fix. It’s like a high to me — every time I change my hair it’s a high.” But the superstar will not be told to transform her look to fit in to some kind of mold. While she was clearing the air on Twitter, Minaj also squashed reports that she stabbed a Britney Spears fan with a fork with a very simple response:   The takeaway? Never mess with Nicki.   What do you think Minaj’s critique on fashion magazines?


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