Exclusive: Nia Long Opens Up About How Being Bullied Led To Her Love Of M&M’s On ‘Uncensored’
TV One

While we’re surprised anyone would have beef with Nia Long, the actress is opening up about being bullied by a childhood friend in a new clip from TV One’s Uncensored

The actress and her mother, Talita, get candid about how Long learned to defend herself thanks to her mom’s promise of plain M&Ms.

Long has been an icon for decades, having stolen our hearts in films like Love Jones, Soul Food,  and The Best Man. For TV One’s docu-series, she shares her humble beginnings with viewers and gives us a closer look at the woman we love.

In the exclusive clip, the actress shares a story about being bullied by someone she thought was her friend, with Long’s mom explaining the advice she gave her daughter about standing up for herself.

“I said look, you can’t come home every day crying over this girl. I said, ‘You better beat her ass’,” Long’s mom says in the clip. “And, that was not a good thing to tell my daughter, being a mother. That was not the way to do it, but I’m just telling the truth.”


Long explains that her mom promised her plain M&Ms if she stood up for herself and later, when her frenemy started a fight over her bike, she took her mom’s advice.

“We got into a fight, it was my first fight,” the actress says. “And, I whooped her ass.” She also got M&Ms.

Check out the Uncensored clip and tune in for Long’s episode on TV One, Sunday at 10p.m. ET.