14 Cute Photos of NFL Star AJ Green And His Wife

Remember that wedding that tookover your timelines last fall when the bride and the groom lovingly shared their first dance to John Legend’s “So High?” The groom happened to be Cincinnati Bengals star A.J. Green and his lovely bride Miranda Brooke. The happy couple just celebrated their one year wedding anniversary and welcomed their first child—a son named Easton Ace. In case you haven't noticed, their family of three is picture perfect. Just look at these photos!

Lauren Porter Oct, 18, 2016

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A.J. and Miranda tied the knot in a lavish April wedding in the heart of Atlanta. The two love the city and couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else. So on March 21, 2015 the Cincinatti Bengal and his college sweetheart swapped vows and became Mr. and Mrs. Green for their happily forever after. 

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A.J. and Miranda found the love of one another on Facebook (yes--Facebook!). The two exchanged messages for 6 months before they made things official and met.

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After saying "I Do," A.J.and Miranda shared the perfect moment on the dance floor to "So High" by John Legend and their first dance viral video, on both Twitter and Instagram, took the internet by storm. There was no escaping seeing the affection they shared on their big day in pictures and videos—and we aren’t complaining because their Black Love is epic!


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On the campus of Georgia State, A.J. and Miranda met and the rest is history! 

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Sunset horseback riding on the beach with bae? #Goals!

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Of all the things Miranda loves most A.J. it's his humility. "He never gets too high on himself. He shakes every hand. He signs every autograph. He smiles at everyone," she said lovingly of her now-husband before their nuptials in 2015. 

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"Everyday is Valentine’s day with you," MIranda captioned this flick. 

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"Obsessed with my husband," said Mrs. Green. Their newlywed glow is still abundant one year later! 


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Through the Pro Athletes Outreach, an organization created to bring together pro athletes and couples to grow in their walk with Jesus, allowed Miranda and A.J. to be baptized alongside each other in March 2016. "Getting baptized alongside my husband was one of the greatest moments that I've ever experienced," Miranda shared on Instagram. "Tonight was special. God is REAL and he lives within us. We are ready for new beginnings!"

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On their first wedding anniversary, Miranda announced she had a bun in the oven. Excited about their new addition, A.J. and Miranda had a gender reveal party to learn that their first born would be a baby boy! 

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Before the arrival of their bundle of joy, the proud parents-to-be celebrated in anticipation of their son.  "You are loved, sweet baby boy."

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Even in her pregnant glow, Miranda was still by the sideline to support A.J. during training camp for the start of his sixth NFL season.

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A.J and Miranda welcomed their son Easton Ace in September. The footballer said that his journey into fatherhood was a joyous one. “Ah man, it’s unbelievable,” Green said. “Just to see him come out and know that you helped create that was unbelievable. I can’t even describe the feeling. It was emotional. Very emotional. Just how blessed we are to bring something like that into the world…it was just unbelievable. I don’t even know what to say. I can’t wait to get back home to him right now.” As for his wife, A.J. has a new found respect for mother's including his Mrs. “[Miranda]’s a trooper. Whole new, different respect for women,” he said. “I was trying to be as nice as I could, man. I got yelled at a couple times for falling asleep because she couldn’t sleep. I just got up and just hung in there with her. She’s much tougher than I am.”

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"Best buds," Miranda wrote to captioned this snapshot of A.J. with their son nicknamed Easy. Looks like A.J. is settling into fatherhood just fine.