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New Documentary Includes The Moment That Prompted Craig Mack To Join Controversial Church

New Documentary Includes Moment That Prompted Craig Mack To Join Controversial Church
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A new documentary shed light on the moment Craig Mack — who recently passed away — decided to join Overcomer Ministry, a controversial church referred to as a “cult” by some former members. 

New York Daily News reports that Mack joined the church after leaving music. A video featuring the church’s self-proclaimed prophet and apocalyptic ranter, Ralph Gordon Stair, went viral after fans spotted Mack in the congregation. 

According to an exclusive report from the New York Daily News,  the documentary shows Mack discussing the moment he decided to turn to God. Mack says the moment came while he was sitting alone in his car, contemplating killing someone. “I had a gun in my lap and I’m sitting there talking to God, saying like, ‘I don’t want to do this, but if it comes to getting ugly with somebody [they’re] going to try to kill me. I’m going to have to do something first to prevent that.'”

While contemplating murder, Mack says he turned on the radio in search of a hip-hop station, but, instead, found Stair preaching on the radio. 

Mack explains, “I knew that it was God talking to me because of the way it made me feel emotionally. I broke down crying all over the place in the car: ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry I was thinking about trying to do this to somebody.'”

Mack’s close friend and former producer, Alvin Toney, declined to reveal who it was that Mack planned to kill. Toney, who recorded hours of interviews with Mack, admits that he ignored problems at the church until he reviewed video footage. 

“When I was down there and I talked to Craig, I didn’t think it was a cult…I’m angry because there’s ways he could have went about giving himself to God. I don’t think that was the right place for him because I knew how good his heart was and I think they played on his good heart.”

Mack passed away in March at the age of 46.