As a motivational speaker and founder of I am super passionate about empowering women to action, which is why I have never been able to understand why so many women live a lie, live beneath their greatness; beneath who they were created to be. My work is about moving women forward, and providing tools for them to raise the bar and step into their greatness.

One area where I hear a cry for help among sisters is in the area of reinvention and life makeover. My observation of this very real issue among women of color started some years ago when I was cast as “Life Coach Dee Marshall” on TV One’s Makeover Manor. The show would take people who had gone through difficult times and provide them with an expert team to help redesign their lives. With the success of that process, I made it my mission to continue doing the work serving as a guide for women committed to re-writing their life story.
Listen up Ladies… you deserve better! You are called to walk in your truth. Your truth is in the ability to walk in your authenticity. One of my favorite authors says it in this way “your job is to be the best expression of you that you can be and there’s no greater contribution you can make to this world.” POW! You have a right to every good thing this world has to offer tangible and intangible, material things and life experiences. You may be living in the shadow settling for a mediocre life but come on Ms. Fabulous…Is that how you want to live? Is that who you are? Are you okay with being average; with having your identity wrapped up in your look? You have the right to be successful, happy and fulfilled.  

If this resonates with you allow me to share HOW to get from where you are to where you want to be. Here are five Fabulous Life Makeover tips to help you begin making your life over:

Live your life by design with a clear picture of how you want it to be. You have complete authorship of your life meaning you get to write the ideal as you wish as you see it. To move from passive by-stander accepting whatever happens to you, you must be intentional and purposeful in proactively creating your life.  

Live your life by a standard based on your anchor. An anchor is your foundational beliefs, faith or spiritual practice. Follow those guidelines rather than those based on the culture or customs of your industry, profession, geographic location, associations or affiliations.

Live your life in the positive with your rose-colored glasses on and make it your business to gravitate to the positive in everything. If someone is chatty about some person, place or thing and the content of their talk is negative either highlight the positive in that specific person, place of thing or keep silent, shut your mouth and let your peace speak.

Live your life in gratitude with an expression of gratitude for every breath, step, minute, hour, day, person, place, thing, job, house/home, transportation, food and shelter, good health, experiences, opportunities, etc. and the key is to verbalize it. Speak your gratitude out loud and watch the universe give you more reasons to be grateful.   

Live your life in action with a spirit of “make it happen” take one action step every day.  How you makeover your life is movement, growth and progress from where you are to where you want to be.  That can only happen when you are consistently in action.   

dee-marshallDee Marshall is an international speaker, certified coach, TV lifestyle personality, founder of and Follow her on Facebook and Twitter at @DeeCMarshall

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