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One Legend To Another: Nas Breaks Down Why Tupac Shakur Was One Of A Kind 

The Queens-bred rapper speaks about Tupac’s influence on music and more


There is no denying that rapper Tupac Shakur was a hip-hop legend. And co-signing this fact is fellow legend, Nasir Jones. 

Nas, who was recently interviewed by The New York Times to talk about his upcoming album, discussed Shakur and the opening up his Powamekka pop-up in his Sweet Chick restaurant that honored the late rapper. The one-weekend-only menu was the physical manifestation of a restaurant ‘Pac dreamt about starting. 

“Tupac, he’s the only artist to do what he’s done, to record as many songs in that amount of time at that age, songs with meaning and messages to impact the world, but also ideas for movies and restaurants,” Nas told The New York Times.

While in prison, Shakur sketched an idea that to own a soul food restaurant with great food, his favorite drinks and a cozy atmosphere. Nas and Sweet Chick business partner John Seymour made this dream a reality in April


Shakur’s impact is clearly still alive to this day. 

Teens who were born after Shakur tragically lost his life in 1996 regularly wear t-shirts displaying the rapper. Shakur’s music is sampled by hip-hop artists like Kanye West and Rick Ross. And on July 16, fans can look forward to the Benny Boom-directed biopic All Eyez on Me.

We’ll definitely be tuning in.

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