When Bernie Mac passed away in 2008, the Kings of Comedy lost their funniest comedian.

“Bernie was the best of us, he closed our show. Because you just couldn’t follow Bernie,” Steve Harvey said of the late comedian today on his talk show. 

Cedric the Entertainer visited Steve Harvey today to talk about the “good ol’ days,” including touring with Harvey, and Bernie Mac in the comedy showcase, Kings of Comedy.

“We would all sit back stage by the monitors and we would watch Bernie’s set because we had to see what Bernie was going to do today,” Harvey said. “Because he never did the same thing twice.”

“We’d [be] like, he about to go off road right now,” Cedric adds.

They remembered how Mac would tell jokes differently every night, sometimes in ways they couldn’t even understand.

“But then it would hit you, two days later,” Cedric said with a laugh.

Watch these two veteran comedians take a walk down memory lane and remember their friend and colleague in today’s Must-See.

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