Must-See: Jill Scott on Being a Single Mom, 'Raising a Little Brown Boy in America'

"I want him to have dignity and grace," said Scott during an appearance on Arsenio.

Yolanda Sangweni Sep, 25, 2013

She may be a superstar mom, but Jill Scott is just like the rest of us when it comes to teaching her son to be responsible.

During an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, the Baggage Claim star shared how she gives her 4-year-old son Jett chores to encourage him to have a good work ethic.

“I’m raising a little brown boy in America and I want him to have dignity and grace,” she said. “I want him to understand that he can do anything but he has to have a work ethic.”

And if Jett doesn’t do his chores, “there’s hell to pay,” said Scott.

Let the church say amen!