Dominique Dawes is no longer the only black woman to hold an Olympic gold medal in gymnastics. Dawes now shares the accomplishment with 16-year-old Gabby Douglas. “It couldn’t have gone to a better kid,” Dawes said. 

“I’m so thrilled to change my website and take down that I was the only African-American with a gold medal,” Dawes said while fighting back tears in an interview with Fox Sports. “I am just so touched, and to be in that arena watching history being made,” she said, “It just made me like a proud parent.”

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Dawes, who became an Olympic medalist in 1996, was the first African-American to win gold with her team. Douglas is now the first African-American women to hold gold medals in both the team and individual rounds. 

Check out the video of Dawes expressing her joy for Douglas.