Bey Day: 16 Of The Most Important Beyoncé Days Of The Year

We should celebrate Beyoncé every day, but here some of the most important days to remember.
Sydney Scott Aug, 24, 2017

Beyoncé has always had a thing for numbers, especially the number four.

In the world of Beyoncé — and maybe other people, but this is about Bey and not about you — dates mean things, they have a special weight. There’s always a special reason Bey decides to do something on a specific day.

So, we’ve put together a little list for Bey fans and Bey superfans, the Hive, to remember some of the singer’s most important dates. Print it, save it, never forget it.

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Blue Ivy was born on this day in 2012 and the five-year-old has already become an icon.

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Beyoncé kicked off Black History Month by making history of her own with an insane pregnancy reveal.

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Beyoncé's performance and brief Destiny's Child reunion is the second most tweeted about moment in history and is the fourth most watched halftime show. 

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The Super Bowl performance that sent racists into a tizzy, the singer paid homage to the Black Panthers and gave us the blackest Super Bowl halftime we've ever seen.

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Beyoncé and JAY-Z have been together nearly 15 years and with the release of their recent albums and openness about their struggles, it seems their bond is stronger than ever. Becky who?

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Lemonade was a moment, a cultural, historical moment. This can't be argued.

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We weren't quite sure of the twins’ birthday until Bey dropped a reveal that went viral.

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Ok, so this day is actually about real bees, but who cares about bees? The only Queen B you should care about is Beyoncé. (This is a joke, you should definitely care about bees.)

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Let's just pretend that Lemonade Day is about Lemonade.

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Beyoncé stole the show when she revealed that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy during the VMAs. It also led to this moment between Jay and ‘Ye, remember life before their beef?

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Obviously, the most important day of the year. Where would the world be without Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, first of her name, of House Knowles-Carter, daughter of Tina Knowles-Lawson, sister of St. Solange, and Ruler of Pop Culture? This day also marks the release of B’Day, an underrated gem.

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