When The Best Man Holiday star Morris Chestnut hopped onto Wendy Williams’ couch on Friday, it took a little longer than usual for their interview to begin because all of his female fans in the audience couldn’t stop screaming. When Williams asked him if the whole “sex symbol thing” ever gets old, he was quick to thank the ladies for their undying support.

“When you start out in this industry, no one knows you and you just want somebody to recognize you for something,” says Chestnut. “If that’s the label people want to be put on me, cool…I want you guys to know I appreciate it. Thank you. If that’s their way of showing their appreciation, I accept that. I don’t focus on it…I try to stay in shape but I don’t focus on just being a sex symbol.”

When the audience members’ cooing settled, Williams continued by probing Chestnut about what life at home is like with his wife of 17 years and their two teens.

“Everybody’s great,” he shared. “My wife does it big all the time. She’s so big on the holidays…The day after Halloween is when she starts putting up the Christmas tree.”

Chestnut is a proud father to a son, 16, and a daughter, 14. When Williams asked the hunky actor if his kids were dating yet, he responded like a typical father to teens.

“No, they better not be,” he said. But, then again, Chestnut told Williams if the answer’s yes, he may not know it yet.

“See, you know, my wife and my daughter have a great relationship and I don’t get all of the information,” Chestnut told Williams. “And, rightfully so, because I would have issues. My daughter’s not gonna date until she’s about 35!”

Smart call, Morris!

Watch the rest of the interview and tell us if you’re feeling Chestnut’s down-to-earth vibes as much as we are.