Mo’Nique Defends ‘My Sister in Comedy’ Roseanne Barr For Racist Tweet ‘Mistake’
Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Roseanne Barr just found out that she still has a friend in comedian and actress Mo’Nique after her recent racist comments and failed apology attempts to former White House advisor Valerie Jarrett.
Mo’Nique came to the defense on Friday of “her sister in comedy” Barr, who lost her ABC Roseanne reboot after calling Jarrett an “ape” in a tweet in May. 
“We’ve all said and done things baby that we wish we could take back and swallow and say, ‘Oh.’ But when you’re in the public eye, you can’t and it’s out there,” Mo’Nique told KTLA. “But to put the title of ‘racist’ on her…”

“My sister made a mistake and she said something I know she wishes she could take back. But what I would ask is we don’t throw her away.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Barr said Jarrett looked as if the “Muslim Brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.”
Barr, who has since been fired from her show, issued an apology once her horrible comments began spreading across social media. But she put her foot in her mouth again last week in a bizarre YouTube video, in which she claims that she thought Jarrett was white. 
“I thought the bitch was White!” she said in the video. “Goddamnit, I thought the bitch was White. F—!”

Monique justified her loyalty by recalling how Barr stood by her when her 90s hit show was on the air:

 “I remember when I had the ‘Mo’Nique Show,’ and there were big, major black superstar talent that had white representatives and they told their talent, ‘That show is too black and we really don’t want you to go on there,’“ Mo’Nique said. “But there was a white woman named Roseanne Barr that showed up for me. … And they didn’t hear the conversation when the cameras wasn’t rolling. … That woman was giving me some beautiful words.”

Yet Barr messed up for the third time on Thursday when issuing another apology in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, then, seconds later, mocked Jarrett’s appearance.

“I’m so sorry that you thought I was racist and that you thought my tweet was racist, because it wasn’t. It was political,” Barr told Hannity, addressing Jarrett.

She continued: “Plus I’d tell her she’s gotta get a new haircut, I mean seriously, she needs a new haircut.”