<p>Mo'Nique Says Adrienne Bailon Is 'Too Young' To Understand Her Issues With Hollywood</p>

The comedian responded to a discussion on The Real about her recent, controversial standup shows. 


The issues Mo’Nique has with Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and Oprah Winfrey will probably not end until they meet in person or the comedian finishes her tour. Nonetheless, the ladies of The Real discussed the backlash from Mo’Nique’s recent standup shows, and they were divided.

On Monday we reported that Mo’Nique was unapologetic about her Apollo show where she said Perry, Daniels and Winfrey could “suck her d–k, if she had one.” She explained where the issues stem from and revealed that her and Winfrey had a connection through history of sexual abuse.

But despite the clarity, many still have opinions on how the Oscar-winner should have handled her issues with the Hollywood heavyweights.

“Why can’t ‘keeping it real’ be classy?,” asks The Real co-host Adrienne Bailon about Mo’Nique’s harsh words. “Why can’t ‘keeping it real’ be, let me hold my piece and let me move on? Why can’t ‘keeping it real’ be, you know what they may have done that, but I’m going to respect them and move forward? Why can’t that be keeping it real?”

To which co-host and comedian Loni Love said, “People don’t understand this system, this industry. [Precious] was an independent movie, it wasn’t suppose to be a hit. Mo’Nique made it a hit, so I can understand why she’s feeling some type of way.”

In response to Bailon’s comments, Mo’Nique addressed her on Twitter.


“My loves,” she said. “This BABY gets a pass. She is too young to even begin to understand. However @AdrienneBailon if you would like to discuss we open.”


“@AdrienneBailon by the way I am fighting for young sisters like you who haven’t won an Academy Award.”

“@AdrienneBailon if u really want 2tell us something, my husband and I would b more than happy to come on the show, you can tell us directly.”

Bailon has yet to respond to Mo’Nique. But if they do sit down and talk it out on The Real, we will certainly be watching.