Growing up, every daughter wants to be like their mother. They want to follow in their mother’s footsteps by trying on her makeup, dressing up in her clothes and filling her shoes in every way possible but Monica’s husband, Shannon Brown, wasn’t quite ready for what else their 3-year-old daughter was ready to fill. Because the former NBA star isn’t ready for his little girl Laiyah to grow up, he had Instagram in tears with a hilarious picture of his daughter strutting around in Monica’s bra.
  Their baby girl tried her hand at adulting and he is just not having it. The tiny tot is not a stranger to displaying her adorable sass, vibrant personality and confidence on her parent’s social pages. Just earlier that day she was snapping her fingers and posing with her Godmother, Tiny Harris. Laiyah is Shannon and Monica’s youngest child in which they share together and before they know it, she’ll be off to college. They just grow up so fast!


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