Monica Responds To Rumors That Husband Shannon Brown Cheated
Prince Williams/WireImage)

Monica Brown is addressing rumors that her husband, former NBA star Shannon Brown, has been cheating for the last three years and fathered a child during the affair. 

The rumor, which was shared on a celebrity gossip site, came from a woman who has allegedly been stalking Brown and her family. The stalker also allegedly stole a photo of another family’s child and pretended the child was the daughter Shannon had fathered. Brown used Instagram to apologize to the family of the little girl and accept the apology of the gossip site that posted the false story.

“The last several years stories were sold & told without any truth whatsoever, our aging grandmother was called and told my brother n law was in a wreck & near death, my families lines stalked, & so on, but honestly I’ve never discussed it because I feel as entertainers we are fair game to a cruel world and new age media,” Brown wrote, “but I want to apologize to the family of this beautiful baby that someone used in a deceitful sick game to hurt my family. Although we had nothing to do with it I’m truly sorry your daughter was used this way… My love for children runs DEEP & I feel they’re off limits, but this sick world clearly doesn’t feel the same..To her mother and father we are SO sorry.”

Brown also noted that the FBI was investigating the woman for stalking her family. 


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