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[MUSIC] I have a new bedding collection and it's called Believe, Believe by Michelle Williams. And it is the home collection. And what I'm gonna do with Believe by Michelle Williams is to expand it for everything. So right now, we're started in bedding And it can be exclusively found in Ebay which is a home shopping networks. When the Destiny Child days, Tina Knowles took me on the fabric store. And it just reminding him going to the fabric store with my grandmother. Miss Tina took me to a fabric store so that I can pick out The material that I wanted to design my own master bedroom, bedding and the curtains that we have for the room. It's for an affirmation, saying that you believe that's one thing, but believing, saying and doing, and I want people to affirm themselves before they go to bed. What did I believe today? Am I one step closer to the things that I said that I wanted to do? So I think that's kinda what sets it apart as well. [SOUND]

Michelle Williams Blessed Panel Attendees With Beautiful Version of 'Because He Lives'

In celebration of Easter, the former Destiny Child member delivered a spur-of-the-moment request from a fan.


Michelle Williams doesn’t need rehearsal to blow fans away. 

The singer was recently a panelist at the Black Woman’s Expo hosted by Trayce Madre Beauty in Chicago, when someone in the audience asked her to sing. In celebration of Easter, the former Destiny Child member and gospel singer, was up to the challenge and sang a beautiful rendition of “Because He Lives”.

“When you’re put on the spot by someone in the audience at @TrayceMadre’s panel ‘Be ye also ready’,” said Williams.

In addition to reprising her role as the lead in Aida at the MUNY theater in St. Louis, Williams also joined the Ladies that Lead Tour last year.