When the First Lady asks you to exercise with her on the White House South Lawn, you say yes. Actually, I declined at first, but her aides persuaded me! I was out there for the first of Michelle Obama’s “South Lawn Series,” an offshoot of her “Let’s Move!” campaign to end childhood obesity. Partnering with the White House Visitors Office and the Office of Public Engagement, this summer the White House will host children to participate in sports, games and other activities to encourage 60 minutes of daily active play (the expert-recommended amount, Mrs. Obama explained). About 80 amped-up kids from D.C. public schools came out this afternoon, along with five gym teachers and five professional sports trainers from the Washington Redskins, Capitals, Nationals, Wizards and Mystics. “What I want you guys to do is make a commitment that you will do your best to get that 60 minutes in every single day,” Mrs. Obama, sporting sequined black Converse sneakers, told the students before they commenced a series of high-energy relay races, exercise drills and obstacle courses. “Will you promise me that?” She was about to start a circuit with a group of them when she came over to the press area, looking at a few of us with a playful smile. “You guys should do it!” Next thing you know, I’m on the South Lawn in my work clothes, doing high-knee jumps, “butt kicks” and backward jogs. I was a little awkward with it, but Mrs. Obama gave me a high-ten for being a good sport. For more Cynthia Gordy Obama Watch stories, click here.