Michelle Obama is looking to push the boundaries at the White House, despite a seemingly already strained and stressed Secret Service. The First Lady revealed her secret wish to get out of the White House more during a question and answer session over the weekend.

“It’s hard to sneak around and do what you want,” said Mrs. Obama. “I’ve done it a couple of times. But you know, one fantasy I have – and the Secret Service, they keep looking at me because they think I might actually do it – is to walk out of the front door and just keep walking. Just go right over there and into some shops, and stop and have some ice cream and – yeah, go shopping.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Mrs. Obama was seen doing “normal” things. In September of last year, she was spotted with a baseball cap and sunglasses on in Target. She reportedly bought dog food and toys for Bo.

“Before we lived here, we were normal people,” said the First Lady last year. “I had a job, I drove my own car, I took my kids to school every day. I went to Target and shopped for my groceries.”


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