Michael Ealy Joins The Cast Of ‘Being Mary Jane’
Michael Rowe

The fourth season of Being Mary Jane already gave fans a glimpse at some of the major changes ahead, like Mary Jane’s move to New York City, and now a new lead on the show is set to be a thorn in Mary Jane’s side. 

Michael Ealy will star opposite Gabrielle Union in the upcoming fourth season as Justin Talbot, the new producer at Great Day USA who is also the man that got Mary Jane fired from CNN.
Ealy said he was considering numerous offers from other networks when Union approached him about the role. 

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“I had turned down several network offers, as I really was not interested in doing another show at the time, but because Gabrielle is a friend, I told her that I’d seriously think about it and talk with my team. At the end of the day, I felt like we all have a social responsibility to help elevate material with people of color in any way that we can, and if there was an opportunity for me to help my friend and the cultural perceptions of our work, then I would do my part.”

We can’t wait to see the tension and drama that will go down between these two on screen. Will Mary Jane will be able to hold her own against her new co-worker’s power plays?